Surf Office combines coworking and coliving

What do you like about Surf Office and why did you choose to stay here?

When I started with this digital nomad trip I was just googling ‘how to code over the world’ or something like that and I stumbled upon some blogs. I found that Surf Office was often recommended.

What made me comfortable was that when I looked at the website, there was pretty much everything and it’s a kind of all inclusive. There are three things that are certain when you go to the Surf Office – you’ll have a place to live, a place to work and you will meet people from all over the world. It’s given. People just come and shake hands, telling “Let’s go and grab a beer after work.”

As I will continue to travel this is probably going to be harder and harder. In other places I will have to book an apartment and find a coworking space, if there is any. If not, I will have to work from my apartment. And if you’re working from an apartment, how do you meet people? You see, it all makes it harder.

Coliving goes with coworking

“Now that coworking is a fairly well understood, some folks are going one step further by establishing collaborative spaces at home with what’s called coliving. Like coworking, coliving is more than sharing space. Ideas and intentions, projects and purpose all come together in a true coliving environment.”

As Shareable’s Jessica Reeder put it, “Living alone may allow us to focus on our own goals without distraction, but it robs us of the type of communication that only happens when people are relaxed and at home together…Coliving hacks this trend, infusing the blurring boundaries of work and leisure with new opportunities for inspiration, learning, and social innovation. Here, ‘home’ is reinvented with a new purpose. It’s a community, an ethos, a series of opportunities for collaboration.” – Kelly McCartney

Coworking and Coliving together in Spain


Two young entrepreneurs converted old Galician houses into creative spaces where people come to get their job done while enjoying the company of like-minded people, good food and a supportive ambient.

“Hello, we are Maria and Edo, travelling entrepreneurs who decided to slow down with journeys and invest time to repair a part of an old stone Spanish village. It took us one year to convert forgotten houses into creative coworking and co-living place.”

Edo Sadikovic Sende
sende logo

July 2014 | After six months of hard work during the day and design thinking during the night, Sende was launched.  A year later, we hosted more than 500 persons from 20 countries. Freelancers and digital nomads visited us to get their job done and educators and artists organized own events while enjoying Spanish mountain