Surf Office combines coworking and coliving

What do you like about Surf Office and why did you choose to stay here?

When I started with this digital nomad trip I was just googling ‘how to code over the world’ or something like that and I stumbled upon some blogs. I found that Surf Office was often recommended.

What made me comfortable was that when I looked at the website, there was pretty much everything and it’s a kind of all inclusive. There are three things that are certain when you go to the Surf Office – you’ll have a place to live, a place to work and you will meet people from all over the world. It’s given. People just come and shake hands, telling “Let’s go and grab a beer after work.”

As I will continue to travel this is probably going to be harder and harder. In other places I will have to book an apartment and find a coworking space, if there is any. If not, I will have to work from my apartment. And if you’re working from an apartment, how do you meet people? You see, it all makes it harder.

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